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Brain Matters: Exploring Cognition & Creativity
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Welcome to the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO) International

The professional industry body that provides a supportive and inclusive network in the organising industry


At the IOPO, we understand the needs of individuals and businesses in this industry, and strive to create opportunities for growth and connection that enable our members to flourish as professionals. 

With a dedicated focus on continual learning, we provide the tools and resources that support our members to build sustainable businesses that thrive.

We promote a standard of excellence by leading through advocacy and education on the role of the organising industry, with an Advisory Board made up of Professional Organisers who are industry experts. Our members stand out amongst others in their fields, with the IOPO badge, a sign of quality, credibility and trust.

The demand for Organising Services across Australasia and beyond continues to grow. We champion our members and a broader community of passionate organisers to showcase their professionalism and expertise to meet these needs.


Meet our Advisory Board Members


Susanne Thiebe

Jennifer Manefield

Beverley Scheepers

Sarah Cottman



Susanne Thiebe - Membership

Susanne was raised and educated in Germany and has an engineering degree in Interior Architecture. She started her business LessMess in Sydney in 2006. Her business provides hands-on decluttering and organising for private clients and those with NDIS funding. She is a seasoned workshop facilitator and public speaker and has reached over 8,000 people with her sustainable living message. 

To balance work and life she teaches art to primary school children, and weeds and prunes her award winning garden.

Susanne heads up the Membership of The IOPO and is the bouncer in front of The IOPO Members' Lounge Facebook group. She is the first point of contact and fosters creative and useful dialogue amongst The IOPO Tribe.

Contact [email protected]


Roxanne Walker - Connections

Roxanne believes in the transformational power of getting organised. Through her business, The Space Specialist, she helps her clients create work, home and life spaces that are fresh, functional and fabulous.  Roxanne started  her business in 2019 and after a marvellous four years working on a range of small, and large, scale assignments, she wonders why she didn't do it sooner. 

She has qualifications in Education, Human Resources and Communication Management and is an accredited career and leadership coach. Roxanne's background in Human Resource Management, has developed her enthusiasm for delivering great customer and employee experiences and she is keen to use this experience in service of the IOPO Members.

Contact [email protected]


Jennifer Manefield - Research and Development

Jennifer fills The IOPO Research & Development role and is affectionately called the 'optimistic nitpicker'.

Her Sydney business, Decluttering Solutions, specialises in all phases of the decluttering-to-downsize and relocation journey for retirees and their families. She thrives managing complex projects involving teams of Organisers: Sharing their professional knowledge and mentoring is how she loves contributing to the growth of the industry.

An advocate for professional development as integral to being a "Professional" Organiser, she is one of The IOPO's first Expert Accredited Members. She dabbles in cooking, mosaicking and complains she never has enough time to get her creative juices flowing.

Contact [email protected] 


Beverley Scheepers - Website

Beverley is the founder of Home And Life Organising (HALO), helping clients across Sydney with complex organisational challenges due to physical or mental health concerns, as well as technology-related organising. She brings her 13 years' corporate IT experience to the IOPO, helping to manage the website and all other "techy" things required to keep us going. She is a fastidious grammar nerd and a coffee addict, and is not a morning person.

In addition to the website, Beverley is in charge of the mammoth but exciting task of putting our annual conferences together. 

Contact [email protected]


Sarah Cottman - Chair

Sarah Cottman is the CEO and founder of The IOPO International. She believes that for the organising industry to grow and thrive, it must be built by those who not only have passion for what they do, but also have a vision and strategy for professional excellence. Sarah started her organising career in 2006, believing anyone can learn to be organised. Sarah loves working with The IOPO Team to procure an inclusive, encouraging culture, built on strong networks and supportive educational platforms for all organisers, wherever they are in the world.

Born in England, she came to Australia, caught a good 'un and stayed for a bit. She is an avid tea drinking, small business loving mother of 3. Her school reports said she was a chatterbox which has transitioned nicely into talking about how to get organised to anyone that will listen including the prime time TV show Space Invaders. 

Contact [email protected]



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