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The IOPO Code of Practice


A Code of Practice is a set of guidelines for the conduct of an industry, its workers, and their relationship with customers.

The Code includes:

  • General statements of principle and practical advice for how a business and the industry should operate
  • Business practices and specific standards with which a Professional Organising business must comply

All Members of The IOPO International agree to operate under these guidelines to provide outstanding, fair and respectful organising services.



Practice within the Community

IOPO Members will

  • advertise services in an honest and accurate manner
  • demonstrate fairness, inclusiveness and embrace diversity
  • use respectful language recognising the diversity of the community
  • legally, and responsibly, dispose of waste according to obligations of the region
  • strive for excellence in communication, operations and leadership in the field of Professional Organising

Practice with Clients

IOPO Members will

  • provide accurate and honest information regarding performance of duties and completion of work
  • identify where they are not qualified or capable to perform the work and will refer clients to appropriate professionals
  • work in a professional manner including understanding work health & safety guidelines and current best practice in their region
  • communicate in advance fees and potential charges
  • provide consistent quality of service throughout the term of an agreement 
  • understand and practice legal and contractual obligations at law in regions of operation
  • keep all client information private & confidential unless express permission is granted or as demanded by law
  • use respectful language recognising diversity and needs of the client 

Practice with Colleagues

IOPO Members will

  • deal with fellow IOPO members, employees, colleagues, and service suppliers in a fair and equitable manner
  • understand and practice legal, contractual obligations, independent pricing, at law in regions of operation
  • maintain the highest standards of personal conduct, to bring credit to the organising profession
  • deal openly with those areas that may be a potential conflict of interest
  • respect the intellectual property rights of others and not reproduce any information without the express permission, and credit to the owner
  • adopt an attitude of inclusiveness, acceptance of diversity and be sensitive to cultural differences
  • display the IOPO Membership badge with pride and respect, showing commitment to their professional standing
  • support and guide other IOPO members for the benefit and growth of the Organising  Industry


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