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What is Accreditation?


An IOPO Accreditation is your rigorous, ongoing peer accreditation scheme that:

  • Gives you a stand out recognition to assist consumers in their choice of PO
  • Offers you quantifiable career development
  • Verifies your outstanding practical experience and knowledge
  • Showcases and celebrates your experience and excellence
  • Provides you the opportunity to be an IOPO Partnership Trainer (Expert only)


Accreditation assesses competency in four main areas:
  1. Documented Hours worked with a variety of clients
  2. Professional Development: organising industry skills
  3. Professional Development: complementary areas of study
  4. Professional Development: business skills


You can achieve this by:


  • Working with a variety of clients to gain expertise
  • Providing or undertaking Professional Organiser training or mentorship
  • Providing or undertaking complementary training or mentorship
  • Providing or undertaking business development training or mentorship
  • Reading or listening to relevant literature on Professional Organising, business development and complementary skills
  • Collaborating with other Professional Organisers in a formal or informal setting as a team member or team leader
  • Current membership of relevant industry bodies


As a Professional Member you can apply for Accreditation, or if you have more questions about Accreditation, contact Accreditation here.

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