Brain Matters: Exploring cognition and creativity

The IOPO International conference of 2024 brings together a diverse range of ideas, experts, and discussions to explore the intricacies and wonders of the brain and mind. Participants will have the opportunity to delve into the expansive realms of thought, understanding, communication, and creativity, building skills to better support our clients and ourselves.

As our previous attendees have come to expect, our conference will be packed with value and guaranteed to deliver top-notch professional and personal development, presented in state-of-the-art facilities at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.


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Keynote Speaker: Evelina Bereni 

Evelina is an accomplished Psychologist and PROSCI Change Management practitioner at Inventium, with 19 years' experience working across aviation, energy, property, government, education, health and technology industries.
Evelina is obsessed with using science to uncover the best and most efficient ways of doing things in work and life, and innovation is what sets her heart on fire. She loves helping people develop and unleash their creativity (using process and science!) to solve some of their hairiest challenges.

Evelina will be wrapping up our conference with her closing Keynote presentation, filled with just the right balance of inspiration, humour, story-telling, and brain science.


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