Scope of Practice


The IOPO Scope of Practice sets out to define what it is that a Professional Organiser does in their role, for purposes including insurance, accreditation, membership eligibility, clarity for customers, and other commercial reasons.

The Role of a Professional Organiser

Professional Organisers work with clients to bring more order and efficiency to their lives. The aim of a Professional Organiser is to assist people to make changes, or manage life transitions, to ultimately improve their quality of life and emotional wellbeing in relation to the relationship they have with their space, time and belongings.

The Services provided by a Professional Organiser

The IOPO defines a Professional Organiser as a person who provide services for fees within the following areas, either as a business owner or employee:


  • Hands-on Organising
  • Organising blogger or author
  • Organising advice/consulting
  • Paper management and document flow
  • Hands-on decluttering
  • Digital filing and records management
  • Decluttering advice/consulting
  • Photographic organisation
  • Relocation services
  • Digital organising/decluttering
  • Estate Clearances
  • Concierge/personal assistant services
  • Property styling/staging
  • Speaking and training on topics within the Scope of Practice
  • Productivity coaching/training
  • Business organising
  • Downsizing services
  • Efficiency and effectiveness consulting
  • Consulting on hoarding environments and behaviours
  • Information systems management
  • Squalor clearances
  • Mentoring services within the topics of the Scope of Practice
  • Senior relocation management


Services not within Scope of Practice

Anything not listed above, but for the purposes of clarity, several that have been identified as specifically outside the Scope of Practice.

For the following listed services, they are excluded from the Scope of Practice when provided by a business or individual identifying primarily as providing these roles:

  • Counselling
  • Psychological services
  • Event planning
  • Cleaning
  • Financial planning/advice