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Hi, I’m Robyn Amott a natural born problem solver, Organiser & Declutter Specialist providing practical solutions for Melbourne based families and individuals living with disorganisation.


Bless this Mess

At Bless this Mess, we understand how clutter can consume an individual’s space, reducing energy flow and productivity levels, and that it’s often not just about the physical possessions. Maximising on your existing storage spaces, clearing the clutter and implementing systems, is only ONE piece in the organising puzzle.  

We pride ourselves on delving deeper into the core elements responsible for your disorganisation.

Are you feeling overwhelmed or require the motivation to get organised – but don’t know where to start?             

We offer a 1:1, hands on, personable service to help you streamline and simplify all the spaces within your home and life – tailored to your individual needs. We work with you to implement routines and ongoing habits that will assist in the long term maintenance of your spaces.

Want to know more about how Bless this Mess can change your life?

Feel free to get in touch via our website or email to chat about how we can take the stress and overwhelm out of your life!

You can also connect with us via Facebook or Instagram 

You too can enjoy the invaluable long term benefits of a decluttered and organised home, mind and lifestyle.


IOPO Professsional Member


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