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Are you ready to clear the clutter and make time and space to create memories?

My name is Bridget Johns and I work with women all over Australia to help them declutter their homes, phones, calendars and minds so they can find more physical space in their homes and more time in their calendars to collect moments not things! ¿


Let me ask you a few questions. Are you: 

  • Waking up tired and escaping into your phone before you say “Hello” to anyone?

  • Seeing “stuff” everywhere when you look around your home and hide it in a spare room when friends visit?

  • Trying to keep a tidy home, but it feels like your kids destroy it after 5 minutes?

  • Struggling to wash, dry and put the clothes away?

  • Never finding time to exercise, catch up with friends or have “Me time”?

  • Trying to budget so you have enough money to pay the bills and still save for a holiday?

  • Wanting to go on an actual date with your partner rather than the current “ships passing in the night” connection you currently have?

  • Juggling all the work/life “balls” in the air but feel like you can’t keep doing it forever? Something has to give, right?


If you answered YES to even one of these questions, let's have a chat about working together. 


Many years ago, I was you. Read my story here. Below are a few different ways we can work together. 


Free Decluttering & Organising Hints & Tips

Visit my blog and follow me on Instagram and Facebook.  


1:1 Declutter Coaching via Zoom

My intuitive, supportive and encouraging style of declutter coaching is for you if you’re tired and overwhelmed trying to juggle ALL the work/life/home balls in the air.

I’m here to be your coach, cheerleader and accountability buddy. Together we will take a good hard look at all the balls you are juggling. We will sort through and work out what’s truly important in your life and as part of the process will we craft a decluttered and welcoming home for you. Learn more here


In-Home Four Hour Declutter Sessions

Available on the Yorke Peninsula, Mid North of South Australia and Adelaide. I will come into your home and together we will develop an action plan for decluttering one space in your home. We will begin the decluttering together and you will have a plan to continue with after I leave. Email me for more information. 


Workshops - Online & In-person

If you're not looking for one on one coaching but want a quick deep dive into a particular decluttering topic, then my workshops are just for you! I am excited to start offering workshops in conjunction with organisations and groups, both online and in person. Visit here for more information. 


Online Courses

Clear Clutter Find Time is for women of all ages and stages of life, who want to strip back the physical and emotional ‘stuff’ in their lives and learn the tips and tools to live an intentional life where there is more space in their homes, phones, calendars and minds.

Visit here to find out when the next course starts.


A year from now, you will have wished you started today. Let me help you declutter your home, phone, calendar and mind!



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