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Day 1 - Thursday 29 August


 Time  Speaker  Topic
 8:30  Registration opens
 9:00  Beverley Scheepers  Welcome and housekeeping

Kendall Clifton-Short 

The Purpose:Fully

 Opening Keynote

 9:55  IOPO Board

 A report on the Organising Industry - current status and 
 future trends

 10:35  IOPO Board

 The words we use - Understanding and exploring the terminology
 used in our industry (eg. definitions of hoarding versus
 hoarding disorder, squalor, OCD and more) 

 11:00  Morning tea

Kylie Harker

Squirrel Business Hub

 Managing your customer's journey - from funnels to analytics
 and everything in-between, understand how to attract,
 nurture and retain your ideal clients


Nicole Alesios 

 Helping you understand your customers' money patterns and

 behaviours by exploring the 8 Sacred Money Archetypes

 13:00  Lunch

Catherine Belford

Focused Wealth

 Financial Planning for the self-employed


Panel Discussion: hosted by Jennifer Manefield from IOPO

 New Beginnings: How sharing experiences empowers change

 Time to listen to those taking their first steps: whether new to the
 industry, transforming their business or exploring a new niche. Hear
 their experiences, concerns and successes.
 Jennifer will ask some specific questions to start the discussion, then
 we'll open questions to the floor to explore these changes in more

 15:30  Afternoon tea

Marissa Hoey

Melbourne Osteohealth

 Physical self care for injury prevention

 16:45  Beverley Scheepers  Thanks and close



Day 2 - Friday 30 August


 Time  Speaker  Topic
 8:30  Room opens
 9:00  Beverley Scheepers  Welcome and housekeeping

Kay Ross 

Speaker and Coach

 Conflict Resolution - Conflict doesn’t have to be scary. This session
 provides you with 3 key steps to deal with conflict with ease!


Stacey Murray

Alfalfa Social Media 

 Social Media Masterclass - how to build a strategy that works for YOU,
 regardless of your technical skills (or lack of!)

 10:35  Morning tea

Bianca-Lee Dwyer and Jenni Dicker

Plan Partners

 Working with the NDIS

Anne Pettit and Fran Jones

Women Over Waste

 Challenges and empowered practice for tackling waste:
 essential knowledge for the PO industry

 12:35  Lunch

Helen Werts 

RMB Psychology

 Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma


Kim Holshausen - NTCSC

Nicole Bijlsma - ACES 

Helen Werts - RMB Psychology

Meredith Dalton - Lifeline Melbourne

 Panel Discussion: Dangers in the workplace

 15:05  Afternoon tea & Chat Pods

 Your opportunity to ask an expert!

 Join some of our panelists, IOPO Board members, and
 experienced organisers for a chat over afternoon tea and get
 your burning questions answered


Clare Press

Wardrobe Crisis

 Closing Keynote

 16:40  Beverley Scheepers  Thanks and close
 18:30  Cocktails & Connections Trade Event  



Friday 30 August 6:30pm - Cocktails & Connections Trade Event

Join us for the Friday evening cocktail party from 6:30pm to continue connecting with colleagues and network with exhibitors that can support your business. Form relationships with industry suppliers to build and grow your business success!


Saturday 31 August 9:00am - Walk and Talk (and coffee!)

Want one last chance to mingle, learn, and get inspired? Join us at 9am on Saturday morning for a casual “walk and talk” – getting out and active while networking and learning. The walk will be approximately 3km around the South Wharf area, and participants are invited to connect further over coffee following the walk.


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