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Bee Pope_Bee Organised Logo white background_Bee Organised  Bee Pope, your Professional Organiser

Bee and her team at Bee Organised are very passionate about helping you turn your CHAOS INTO CLARITY. They work with you by supporting and nurturing you through the whole decluttering and organising process. There is no judgment, just understanding, they dont just throw everything out as many fear, and they make sure that if it has to be done, they make it fun!


At Bee Organised, the team educate and empower you to make your own decisions, provide simple solutions that have maximum impact, and they get hands on with you to transform your spaces, business and life, turning your chaos into clarity in a matter of hours.

As mothers themselves and understanding overwhelm, they also love working with kids to empower them to be more organised and make life a whole lot easier for families. They work interactively with kids (and parents) to create life long skills such as decluttering, organising, creating positive habits, goals setting, decision making, team work... and how to keep their bedroom and playroom clean, neat and tidy!

Bee Organised was founded in 2015 and started when Bee overcame her own battle with anxiety, post natal depression and complete overwhelm of clutter, motherhood and the hurdles that life throws at you. Bee turned her life around by simply decluttering her spaces, getting more organised, and reignited her purpose and passion to help others and wanted to show other women the easiest and funnest way to achieve this. 

Bee was previously a teacher, is now a mother to three young children, including twins, and runs her successful business with her team of Professional Organisers that she has trained using the Bee Organised Method. Bee Organised has also been nominated for the Telstra Business of the ear in 2019. Her team are trained in Mental Health First Aid and come from a number of backgrounds including working with children with disabilities, in realeaste and education.

If you would like more information on how Bee Organised can help you to DECLUTTER, get ORGANISED, and EMPOWER you and your family, then contact the team today for a complimentary consultation. 

It simply starts with a friendly chat :) 

CLICK HERE to book your Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation.
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