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The IOPO Connection Event - NEW ZEALAND

Connecting in New Zealand
Networking for the Organising Industry - Professional Organisers, people interested in becoming a Professional Organiser and anyone in associated businesses.


Connecting You with the Organising Industry

A relaxed evening of virtual networking, finding out more about entering the organising industry or, for those established businesses, making connections to support your business growth.



We invite anyone curious about becoming a Professional Organiser, those serving the industry for many years and those working alongside the Organising Industry and who want to create connections.

Share an evening of being surrounded by those who love the work of an Organising Professional. This event is your opportunity to ask questions about IOPO Membership, what is happening in the industry and how you can be part of it.

Although we are keen to connect with our Members face-to-face, this time we will be doing it virtually and making new connections with those interested or aligned with the PO industry in the same region.

The industry is growing, and it is an exciting time for the members of the Organising Industry. Join in on this opportunity for growth and increased connection!

The IOPO aims to generate opportunities for you to gain visibility and grow a PO business. Provide knowledge to build profitable PO businesses and be your trusted partner on the journey.

Connection Events are free for Members of the IOPO.

Attendance Information

We will be meeting on Zoom.


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29/11/2023 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
New Zealand Daylight Time
Registration is closed.
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