As a Professional Organiser working in Australia or New Zealand, you will have encountered the frustration of working in a vibrant but officially yet-to-be recognised industry. Applying for insurance, explaining your business at tax time, gaining access to statistics, and understanding the financial parameters and potential of the industry are all challenging at times due to the lack of official recognition of the Professional Organising industry.


We are sure you will agree that Professional Organisers definitely merit inclusion in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO).


The IOPO is working on behalf of the Professional Organising industry in NZ and Australia to prepare a submission for this inclusion. The inclusion of new occupations in ANZSCO is dependent upon satisfying a number of criteria, including the minimum threshold numbers of 300 persons estimated to be employed in the proposed occupation. This includes business owners, employees or subcontractors. Working both full and part-time in the industry.


In parallel, a submission will be made to also update the business industry code (BIC) which is the five-digit code included on relevant tax returns and schedules that describes your main business activity. BICs are derived from the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) codes.


A BIC allows for best practice parameters, for safety standards to be set and enhances consumer confidence. In other words, we gain industry recognition and growth. It will also allow Professional Organisers to benchmark their business against similar businesses in the industry.


We ask you, as a Professional Organiser, to please fill in the following research questionnaire so that we can meet the minimum threshold of 300 people required for inclusion in the ANZSCO.


We also ask that you share this questionnaire with anyone you know who is or has been in the Industry in Australia or New Zealand who may not be a member of a formal organisation or your network group. We know there are well over 300 of us and need to take a united front so our industry progresses to its natural maturation.


The de-identified, collective results of this questionnaire will be freely available on the IOPO website once the submission has been made. Further, it is our intention to repeat the research annually to monitor the evolution of the industry.


There are 2 questionnaires - "The Professional Organising industry in Australia / New Zealand 2019". Please choose according to where you live and work.


Australia              New Zealand

Submissions close Wednesday 31st July at 10pm