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What is Accreditation?

The IOPO Accreditation is a rigorous, ongoing peer accreditation scheme that: 

  • Offers a quantifiable career development for Professional Organisers 
  • Verifies those with outstanding practical experience and knowledge
  • Showcases and celebrates experience and excellence
  • Brings opportunity to be an IOPO Partnership Trainer (Expert only)


Accreditation assesses competency in four main areas:

A. Documented Hours worked with a variety of clients

B. Professional Development: organising industry skills

C. Professional Development: complementary areas of study

D. Professional Development: business skills


You can achieve this by:

  • Working with a variety of clients to gain expertise
  • Providing or undertaking Professional Organiser training or mentorship
  • Providing or undertaking complementary training or mentorship
  • Providing or undertaking business development training or mentorship
  • Reading or listening to relevant literature on Professional Organising, business development and complementary skills
  • Collaborating with other Professional Organisers in a formal or informal setting as a team member or team leader
  • Current membership of relevant industry bodies

IOPO Professional Members can apply for Accreditation here.

If you’re looking for an Accredited IOPO member, search in our Find An Organiser directory. 

If you’d like to become an IOPO Member, apply here

Or contact us if you have any questions about Accreditation.