About the IOPO


The Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO) exists to serve our Members within the Professional Organising industry in Australasia and beyond. This industry is predominantly SMEs, which is why our main objective is providing an opportunity for those Organisers to be part of something bigger. The IOPO provides benefits to its Members, including an online business directory which assists prospective clients to find the right Organiser to suit their needs, along with development and education opportunities for business growth. If you would like to find out more, please contact us

Commitment to Excellence: 

Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated in the actions of continuous improvement, the reinvestment of funds for the development of the IOPO to provide Accreditation, Professional Development options and further research into industry related issues.

Advisory Board: 

The IOPO International is governed by an Advisory Board of 5 women, all of whom have their own Professional Organising businesses. We believe that by seeking excellence from inside the industry, we are able to deliver the services that meet the needs of our Members.

Introducing IOPO's Advisory Board members:

Sarah Cottman

CEO and founder of the Institute of Professional Organisers. She owns Heavenly Order and knows that anybody can learn to become organised. Born in England, she found herself in Australia, caught a good ‘un & stayed. An avid tea drinking, nervous motorbike riding, gun skiing (ahem) mother of 3, she's happiest travelling & telling people she’s an Organiser with ADHD.
She believes that for the industry to grow and thrive, it must be built by those who not only have passion for what they do but also have vision & strategy for professional excellence. Sarah is looking forward to steering the IOPO to provide an inclusive, encouraging culture, building strong networks and a supportive, educational platform for all Organisers. Contact chair@iopo.com.au

Susanne Thiebe

Susanne was born in Germany but currently resides in Sydney. Her business LessMess has helped the overwhelmed since 2006 with hands-on decluttering and organising. A seasoned workshop facilitator and public speaker she has reached over 5000 people with her sustainable living message.

To balance work and life she teaches art to primary school children, weeds and prunes her award winning garden.

Susanne heads up the membership and accreditation department of the IOPO. She is the first point of contact and fosters creative and useful dialogue amongst the IOPO tribe. 

Contact membership@iopo.com.au

Carolyn Verhoef

Located in Perth WA, Carolyn loves working with clients holistically with Organising and Productivity Coaching for home, business and life. The experiences and lessons gained since starting Outside the Box Organisation Solutions in 2007 have been professionally and personally the most fulfilling journey of her life.
Seeking out and developing valuable Professional Development for the Organising Industry is Carolyn’s role at the IOPO. Life is just one long lesson - why not make the most of it and learn to do what you love.

Contact pd@iopo.com.au

Jennifer Manefield

Jennifer fills the IOPO Research & Development role and is affectionately called the “optimistic nitpicker”.
Her Sydney business, Jennifer's Decluttering Solutions, assists people in life transitions, like downsizing or moving into Aged Care. She enjoys hands-on decluttering and supervising complex projects involving teams of Organisers. Working extensively in the NDIS, she willingly shares her knowledge through our NDIS webinars.
A believer that professional development is integral to being a “Professional” Organiser, she is adding a Certificate IV in Mental Health to her studies. She is one of the IOPO’s first Accredited members.
She is an ex-quilter looking for a new passion to get her creative juices flowing.

Contact research@iopo.com.au

Beverley Scheepers 

Beverley is the founder of Home And Life Organising (HALO), helping clients in Sydney and Melboure with complex organisational challenges due to physical or mental health concerns, as well as technology-related organising. She brings her 13 years' corporate IT experience to the IOPO, helping to manage the website and all other "techy" things required to keep us going. She is a fastidious grammar nerd and a coffee addict, and is not a morning person. 
In addition to the website, Beverley is in charge of the mammoth but exciting task of putting our annual conferences together. 

Contact website@iopo.com.au or events@iopo.com.au


We are proud to be a gold certified skilled workplace. Each one of our Advisory Board Members are Mental Health First Aid trained and Certified. 

In 2015, Mental Health First Aid Australia launched the Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplaces Initiative to recognise and reward the many workplaces across Australia that are doing wonderful work in increasing mental health literacy by rolling out MHFA Courses for employees. The Skilled Workplaces Initiative will continue to be assessed to make it more accessible to and inclusive of workplaces of varying sizes.

We advocate getting skilled in this area and currently have exclusive courses, for Professional Organisers, in most capital cities. See more here. Read the IOPO International Anti-Bullying policy here



IOPO International

As well as our Advisory Board Members on the ground in Australasia, we are delighted have Members you can contact across the globe to find out more about how you can become part of the Institute of Professional Organisers.