The IOPO Accreditation will recognise and set the standard for industry excellence based on a combination of acquired knowledge and application of skills and professional behaviours. Working hand-in-hand with our Professional Development programs, the IOPO Accreditation system aims to provide clear pathways for our members to strive for excellence in the industry.
Through Accreditation, the IOPO endeavours to provide the public with guidance and confidence in knowing that the organiser that they have hired is an experienced and knowledgeable professional.
The IOPO Accreditation structure encompasses 3 Professional Levels of achievement (Accredited, Expert, and Master). Each level is achieved by a points system that takes into account the following (in no particular order):
  • Length and depth of experience
  • Length of IOPO membership
  • Membership with other relevant industry bodies
  • Certification with other industry bodies
  • Formal education
  • Awards and other “excellence” achievements
  • Learning programs undertaken through IOPO’s Professional Development framework
  • Learning programs undertaken externally (such as conferences, seminars, teleclasses etc)
Accredited and Expert levels are currently available for IOPO Professional Members to apply for.  
IOPO Members who would like to apply for accreditation can contact Susanne at 
If you’d like to become an IOPO Member, apply here.
Or contact us if you have any questions about Accreditation.