Professional Development
We are extremely excited to be able to offer you professional skills development. When we asked the organisers what they most want from an industry body Professional Development ranked as one of the top three.

Professional Development is a key area of focus of ours for several essential reasons:

    • To provide members with a pathway to developing skills and knowledge as a Professional Organiser.
    • Have access to other skills and knowledge that help organisers work closely alongside the broader industry.
    • Provide specific business development skills in relation to the organising industry.
    • Give members the opportunity to gain accreditation and continuing professional development through the changing needs in business and career.

The IOPO PD is a mixture of online courses and live or in-person courses. Our courses are developed from two sources:

IOPO Signature PD - These are courses delivered through the IOPO and bring in experts in their fields. Topics range from industry-specific to business operations and marketing and personal development. 

Signature courses are held in our own online training room. It is highly interactive and gives you the chance to gain accreditation points by completing the quizzes with the courses, give feedback and ask in-course questions as you learn.

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Our first course is Best Practice for Organisers - Creating Pathways for Successful Business.  Purchase below

IOPO PD Partnerships - We are seeking out partnerships with trainers from a wide range of topics that have established and recognised courses that are outside the organising industry.

The IOPO is particularly proud to be working in partnership with Mental Health First Aid Australia preferred trainers in Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a very practical and highly educational 2 day course that is invaluable to everyone but even more so for those working in the organising industry.

To read more about the Mental Health First Aid IOPO Partnership Courses go to the Mental Health Training page.

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Do you have a burning desire to learn something? We’d love to hear it! Contact Carolyn Verhoef at to submit your requests.

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