PO Insurance

The IOPO offer an exclusive and bespoke industry-specific Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance policy to safeguard your professional reputation, your business and its future growth.

Why choose this Policy?

Partnering with Bruce Chiene Insurance Brokers, the IOPO have worked intensively to ensure a highly competitively priced policy that is tailor-made policy for the Organising Industry.

Do you give advice to your clients either in person or via online platforms? Too often we meet people who do not have adequate insurance as they feel it is expensive or unnecessary.

Without both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance you’re too exposed!

Who can access this policy?

  • All Professional Organisers, Decluttering Specialists, Organising Coaches, Personal Concierges and Productivity Specialists working in Australia
  • New Zealand Members of the IOPO 
  • Professional Organising Businesses who employ up to five full- or part-time workers

This policy is not available through any other channel and is exclusive to the IOPO. 

PO Insurance Policy Pricing, from 1st April, 2019 (3 month policy 01/04/19-30/6/19)

Member Price Australia:  $278

Member Price New Zealand:  AUD $240    

Non Member Price available in Australia ONLY $320

 Cover  Term Member OZ  Member NZ Non Member (OZ Only)Payment Option/s You are applying for
 12 months01/07/18 - 30/06/19  $758  $650 $946 Lump sum or monthly

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 9 months 01/10/18 - 30/06/19  $594 $512 $675 Lump sum only

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 6 months 01/01/19 - 30/06/19  $432 $372 $498 Lump sum only

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 3 months 01/04/19 - 30/06/19  $278 $240 $320 Lump sum only

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How do I apply for this policy?

The policy cover begins April 01, 2019, and can only be accessed through the IOPO website. All policies will then be due for renewal 30/06/19.

  • Step 1 - please read the policy FAQs here 
  • Step 2 - please read the full PDS here
  • Step 3 - download the application form here 
  • Step 4 - return the completed form to insurance@iopo.com.au as soon as possible
  • Step 5 - an invoice will be issued to you for the insurance only (does not include Membership)
If you have any other questions about the insurance policy or application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Want to know more? 

Click here to listen to our chat with Insurance Broker - Scott Hardiman - explaining what makes this offer so special!

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